Kalmar SmartPort

Kalmar SmartPort is a set of process automation modules and digital services that can be deployed in your terminal to help move containers more efficiently. SmartPort solutions will track, route and manage containers from the gate through to the quayside, helping to optimise operational productivity, safety, equipment and personnel utilisation rates and ensure that you never lose another container.


Get smarter.

Kalmar SmartPort can help make your business smarter in three ways:

It can help improve your day to day operations through optimising your processes, by automating actions within your terminal that would have been performed manually.

You can be better informed on how your equipment and overall operations are performing, by being able to access equipment operational information in real time.

Finally, Kalmar SmartPort can assist your operators across a range of operational tasks, by making it easier, quicker and safer for them to move containers.

Kalmar SmartPort will make your business a smarter one. For more information on the process automation modules and digital services, visit our virtual showroom.


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