Rail-mounted Gantry Cranes


Please note: Kalmar will continue to provide Crane Automation and Crane related Services to existing and new customers, even though Automatic Stacking Cranes, Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes, Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes and Ship-to-Shore Cranes are no longer part of the Kalmar’s equipment portfolio. 


Kalmar is focusing on offering industry shaping, eco-efficient cargo handling equipment including Straddle and Shuttle Carriers, Reachstackers, Forklift Trucks, Empty Container Handlers, Terminal Tractors, and lifecycle services for its customers worldwide.

Kalmar RMG cranes - a smooth operator.

Kalmars new range of RMGs benefit from the cumulative experience of Nelcon, a pioneer in RMG cranes, and Kalmar, with over 30 years of delivering automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) to terminals around the world. Ideal for high density stacking in container terminals or for demanding intermodal applications, Kalmar RMGs will provide your business with a highly reliable and efficient crane.


Designed to meet your requirements.

Kalmar knows that design flexibility is critical, which is why Kalmar RMGs are built to your exact specification, making them suitable for greenfield sites or to fit into an existing brownfield operation. They can be combined with Kalmar Horizontal Transportation or Mobile Equipment to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for intermodal and container terminals. All Kalmar RMGs have electric drive units which are highly efficient, give exceptionally smooth operation and have zero emissions at source.


Ready for the future.

All Kalmar RMGs can be manually, remotely or automatically operated. Even if you choose a manually operated crane today, it can be retrofitted in the future to be remote controlled or automated when you are ready. No matter what type of RMG you operate, Kalmar will continually upgrade the crane's operating system to make sure it is always running at optimal levels.


Highly flexible. 

Our RMGs are built to your specifications and can have a rail span of 20-55 metres, a lifting capacity of up to 65 tonnes, an outreach of up to 18 metres and stack up to a height of 1 over six.

Choice of trolleys.

You can have a fixed trolley which will help streamline the profile of your crane or a slewing trolley with an optimised trolley girder system, which is extremely lightweight while still maintaining a low profile.


The number of wheels and drive mechanisms can be tailored to each project.


All electric.

Kalmar RMG cranes use 50 or 60Hz electric drive units and can source power through either a cable reel or conductor bar, making them clean and green with zero emissions at source.



Easy to service and maintain.

Servicing platforms around the RMG structure provide easy and safe access for service and maintenance. Kalmar Care can provide a range of service and maintenance contracts for your crane, to help maximise your crane's availability.