Terminal tractors for industrial handling

The role of flowing internal logistics grows in pace with efficiency demands in all industries regardless of the product. You must be able to transfer materials rapidly and reliably to the next stage of the production or supply chain. To ensure this, you need efficient and purpose-built equipment for the job. Kalmar’s wide range of robust industry tractors fulfills all your industry-specific requirements and many more.

With over 60,000 references, Kalmar is the world’s leading manufacturer of terminal tractors. A lot of them operate in ports and inland terminals, but increasingly also in various industrial applications. Standard or tailor-made, these tractors can move loads ranging from 10 to 300 tons and can be combined with special heavy trailers.

Make sure your materials handling meets today’s requirements.

Kalmar machines have proven their unbeatable features, for example, in the following production environments:

  • Paper mills and saw mills
  • Steel mills
  • Aluminum plants
  • Building material industry
  • Car manufacturing plants
  • Shipyards
  • Foodstuff industry and dairies

The success of these tractors in various industry operations builds on Kalmar’s long experience, in-depth technology expertise, innovative R&D and close cooperation with customers.

Robust reliability at its best

Peak efficiency year after year is the feature that you value the most. The Kalmar industry tractor’s strength, high-quality design and well-known components guarantee maximum uptime and keep your operations on the move. With long lifetime expectancy, this tractor has been built to perform even in the harshest conditions. Since busy manufacturing surroundings are no places for lightweights, the Kalmar tractor has the heaviest frame in the industry.
The Kalmar industry tractor differs from others, for example, through its heavy-duty axles. The unique lift cylinder system further boosts tractor efficiency and strength.

Enhanced driving comfort and safety.

Outstanding driving performance and advanced safety features are highly valued in this industry tractor. All-around visibility is excellent through larger windows, narrower corner posts and the complete elimination of the outer windscreen corner post. You can choose between two types of cabins, whichever suits best your operation and type of trailers used. Steering is easy, precise and rapid. All ergonomic aspects are based on comprehensive interviews and feedback from customers.

Maintenance easier than ever

Keeping your uptime high and the daily or regular maintenance program as short as possible has an impact on your bottom line. With the Kalmar industry tractor, no time is wasted, as all service points can be conveniently reached. All operator and service manuals have been carefully planned for easy and rapid access to information.

Low operating costs

Minimizing operating costs to retain favorable profit margins is naturally in your interest. The Kalmar industry tractor has been specially built to deliver the lowest operating costs of all. For example, you can count on low fuel consumption and low component wear in every possible aspect. Other features include long-life brakes and economical low-emission engines.

Smallest turning radius in the industry

Fast working cycles keep your operations moving at the pace that they should to maintain tight schedules. The Kalmar tractor offers you the best maneuverability in cramped spaces with the smallest turning radius in the industry – only 6 meters. The hydraulic system provides you with faster lifting and lowering of the 5th wheel without the need for the driver to wind trailer support legs up and down. There is ± 10° active tilting for the 5th wheel that helps to balance an unevenly loaded trailer.

Heavymovement, Spain

Kalmar machines are helping Heavymovement towards its objective of becoming a global role model for safety and technological innovation in the metal industry as well as facilitating the expansion of the company’s presence in Europe and Latin America.

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Jempsons, UK

Leading haulage firm John Jempson & Son Ltd (Jempsons) helps to continually boost its customers’ handling efficiency, providing safe and efficient distribution tractors to enhance ongoing performance.

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BMW logistics centre, Germany

Delivering vital car parts to their destination according to schedule demands accurate timing and perfect coordination. BMW’s logistics centre relies on Kalmar reachstackers and terminal tractors to keep things running like clockwork.

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Wallhamn, Sweden

The port of Wallhamn – the largest privately owned harbour in Sweden – uses four customised Kalmar terminal tractors to help it maintain its position as a successful gateway for the Swedish export industry.

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