Straddle Carriers

When flexibility is your driver.

Kalmar straddle carriers are trusted by terminal operators around the world for their ability to enable faster ship-to-shore crane operations and more efficient landside operations.

Straddle carriers are highly versatile machines that can be used for a wide variety of applications and terminal operating modes. They can move cargo vertically and horizontally, stack containers in stacking areas and load them off/on road vehicles.

FastCharge™ Straddle Carrier

Kalmar FastCharge™ Straddle Carrier

Cut emissions and eliminate the need for battery swapping with a cost-efficient, safe and scalable charging solution.


Kalmar AutoStrad™

A proven solution for automating your quay, stack and landside operations. Ideal for medium-sized and large terminals where high equipment flexibility, safety and minimal labour costs are key requirements.

Hybrid Straddle Carrier

Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carrier

Keep your terminal moving and your energy and servicing costs down with cutting-edge, fuel-saving and emission cutting technology.

Straddle Carrier

Kalmar Straddle Carrier

Get all the proven performance and safety benefits that Kalmar equipment is known for, plus superior fuel efficiency with lower noise and emissions.

TraPac, USA

With the combination of different automation technologies and customisation based on terminal layout, Kalmar ensured space is used effectively and capacity is optimised at TraPac.

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Eurofos, France

The Eurofos container terminal near Marseille has relied on Sisu and Kalmar machines since 1998.

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MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET), Antwerp, Belgium

The port focuses on developing the sustainability of its operations while striving to minimise the capital expenditure and operating costs.

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Patrick Brisbane, Australia

Automation is a key competitive advantage for Patrick’s container terminal at the Port of Brisbane, Australia.

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